Areas of my expertise

Head of
digital support

I successfully built a Digital Customer Support from scratch and effectively transitioned the team to remote work.

Digital solutions & partnership 

As a senior product owner, I developed digital products through strategic partnerships and with the internal IT team.

Product strategy & management

As a senior product manager i was in charge of the entire B2C Postpaid unit and BSS Transformation project from the business side.

Founder of

As an official Google partner, I founded an educational YouTube channel. Afterward, I decided to establish my own EdTech LLC.



There was a demand to change two CRM systems, encompassing all project steps from initiation to production.

Yandex plus

By partnering with Yandex, we have launched Yandex Plus in the Azerbaijan market.

SM authenifcation

I have invented a technical solution to authenticate customers by their number in social media channels without obtaining their mobile number.

BSS/Tariffs Pruning

As one part of the BSS transformation, there was a demand to prune old tariffs. This included many steps, starting from feasibility to migrating customers.

Education and Certification

Stanford University School of Engineering
Digital Transformation Program

The program focuses on teaching practical knowledge about cutting-edge technologies, digital strategies, and organizational change management.

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Six Sigma Black Belt program focuses on providing practical knowledge and expertise in advanced process improvement methodologies, data-driven decision-making, and leadership skills.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner

The certification program is designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills in agile product management, collaboration, and maximizing the value delivered to customers.